secondaryThis is the junior and senior secondary arms of the school. Headed by a masters degree holder and seasoned educationists, to give your child a solid secondary education

Junior secondary – Year 7-9
Senior Secondary – Year 10 – 12


1. To make education more functional and qualitative.
2. To develop in our students the vital qualities of independence, Initiative, discretion and sensitivity to others’ feelings (Balanced Personality)
3. To inculcate in the students the qualities of honesty, respect for Constituted authority and positive outlook to life.
4. To make students to imbibe the ideals of community life that calls For cooperation and understanding irrespective of colour, creed or religion.
5. To contribute to the physical development and healthy growth of the students by involving them in sporting activities.
6. To conduct the affairs of the institution with all sense of decency devoid of malpractices.
7. To relate with all levels of government, institutions and our immediate environment as a responsible corporate citizen.
8. To attract, retain and motivate experienced and dedicated professionals, treating them as volunteers and making the work place conducive for high level of performance free of all forms of unfair labour practices.

We have a commitment to achieving these goals and objectives by the grace of God.