The school has a well equipped library which students have access to make researches that enhance their academic careers.

With lots of interesting story books to improve their intellects and be more creative.


The School has buses which are used to transport students to and from the school. The buses are also used to convey students during excursions, inter-school sports competition and special events.


The schools’ lecture rooms are well ventilated and are designed to aid learning and capture the students attention during teaching and learning process.

We ensure that the student population for each class is not more than the recommended UNESCO standard of twenty five (25) students per class, with this, each child is given the proper attention he/she deserves and all the students are carried along by the teacher during each lecture time.


Grandmates Schools is not only well known for academic excellence but also well known in her environment/vicinity for sporting activities like football, handball, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton e.t.c.

In the School’s Sport Complex We have a standard Our school has available facilities for the following activities football pitch, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, handball pitch and Table Tennis and experienced sport instructors.

The school has participated in many competitions outside her shore, few of these competitions are the Milo basketball competitions both for local and state levels, football competitions with schools like Ronik International, Caleb International, e.t.c.


It is our belief that a child who is mentally and physically sound will be an effective learner. Based on this, students are requested to undergo full medical examination before admission.

Parents are encouraged to provide a full medical history of their children/wards. Nevertheless, the school has a Recovery Room to provide first aid treatment, which is managed by a qualified nurse.

However, the school is equally registered with a standard private hospital in the neighbourhood in case of serious emergency that is beyond the scope of the school nurse.


Our technology workshop is so equipped with the necessary tools/devices such as Vice, Hammer, Pliers, Screw Drivers, Saw and so many more with which our students adequately perform practical projects in wood work, metal work, electricity, safety/jurist aid, e.t.c. in order to enhance learning of practical craftsmanship.

We have a standard and well equipped technical drawing studio for a top quality draftsmanship. We train our students to be very competent in the use of various computer aided design and drafting (C.A.D.D) software/applications for technical drawing.


Home economics is taught at the junior secondary level while senior secondary school introduces students to the rudiments of Home management and Food & Nutrition.

A modern and well equipped laboratory that provides opportunity for practical works on these subjects, is in place.


Do you know that the right kind of food can make you live longer? Do you know about balanced diet? Food plays a very significant role in the social life of all societies, primitive and civilized, poor and rich. Here in the food and nutrition laboratory of Grandmates Schools we do more than theory.

We do practical in the following: snacks, confectionaries, African and continental dishes. We have a well ventilated laboratory, cooking equipment and different utensils for example cooker both electric and gas, micro wave, mixers, blenders, juice extractor, sauce pans of different sizes, cutleries, plates e.t.c.

The knowledge of food and nutrition makes you self reliant. Grandmates food and nutrition laboratory has it all. Don’t be left out.


Computer education is one of the key features of the school curriculum. The school’s computer laboratory is well equipped for students use.

Students are allowed to familiarize themselves with computer through regular practical sessions. All students are expected to be computer literate before the end of their course in the school.


Visit the chemistry laboratory of Grandmates schools with well stocked laboratory apparatus and chemicals, spacious seats for students work and well prepared reagents shelfed in a conducive well ventilated environment to effectively enhance the learning, training and exposure of students on various practical experiments in the field of chemistry.

Some of the apparatus available in our chemistry lab includes burette, pipette, conical flask, methyl orange, HCL and NAOH all used in volumetric analysis, Periodic Table Charts contains the elements studied in chemistry, Electronic weighing balances used in knowing the weight of reagents used in the laboratory.


The School has a well equipped Physics Laboratory to effectively train the students on various practical experiments in physics that is in operations in our day-to-day activity on this earth.

Some of the apparatus and devices in the physics lab include pendulum bob and stand used in simple harmonic motion, plug key, rheostat, ammeter, voltmeter, lead-acid accumulator, connecting wires and resistors used in electricity to verify ohm’s law, potentiometer used in determining electromotive force of two cells and then determine its potential difference.


Have you ever thought of a classical biology lab? Grandmates Schools Lab has the answer. Grandmates School Biology Laboratory is a well equipped modern laboratory with Electron microscope, A hand made mammalian skeleton, Brightly coloured charts, a well ventilated laboratory with lots of freshly preserved natural organisms like snake, frog, mammalian intestine e.t.c.

Do you know that Biology gives you an ideal of who you actually are? Behold! The study of life. Think about yourself as an individual, then the knowledge of biology cannot be over emphasized! No what! The exact knowledge you need to make you a total being through the study of life (Biology) is in Grandmates Schools.


Grandmates School has a well equipped and standard music studio with instruments such as the saxophone, drum set, guitar, piano/keyoard, speakers, e.t.c.

All the school’s musical instruments are available for the students’ use and training. The Music Studio and the training of students is being done by a qualified and skillful music teacher who has the practical knowledge of the above musical instruments.

The goal of the music training is to ensure that each student is highly proficient in the use of all musical instruments, thereby revealing their hidden potentials.


Keyboarding (typewriting) serves as a communication tool as well as an integral part of the business world. In order to meet the need to develop relevant skills in the junior secondary school to build a self reliant nation, typewriting skill becomes necessary.

Grandmates School Typing pool is well equipped with typewriters and a qualified Business Studies instructor to educate and enlighten the students on how to develop this skill (typewriting).


Grandmates Schools believe and know the importance of guidance counselor, hence the school makes effective use of counselors. The role of same cannot be over emphasised as it cuts across Educational, vocational, socio-personal, moral behaviour, psychological and developmental challenges.

This then, demands for increasing need for guidance for helping all individuals in life-long growth and development. An average person or young person must be helped to achieve personal freedom, academic achievement/excellence, confidence in him/her self and a healthy self-image. Counseling helps individuals to become knowledgeable about him/her self, about his abilities and about the world around him/her. When an individual understands him/her self and knows his/her strength and weaknesses, he/she will be able to make reasonable decisions out of the whole lot at his/her disposal.


The school has a well equipped Art Studio to enhance standard learning. The facilities are all available for effective learning.

Art develops students’ skills in the field of Drawing, painting, carving, ceramics, weaving and other areas.